Covid-19 Update

Tennis is currently suspended until further notice. I hope you all stay safe during this difficult time.

Gaming Tennis Stream

Chris is planning an interactive live stream over the next week, he will be working his way through a tennis career and will be on hand to chat and interact, even have a game if you have the game. it is AO International Tennis on Xbox One, there are other games also that I will stream. Please see stream below when live.

CSB Tennis Coaching provides tennis coaching, games coaching at the local tennis court / courts in and around Ferndown. Check out the Tennis store to find more.


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CSB Tennis Coaching

Bournemouth & Ferndown, Dorset

We are a Tennis provider for Children and adults in Ferndown and surrounding areas. With over 25 years of knowledge, fully insured, DBS & licensed coaches, we aim to provide top-line coaching for Children and Adults. Please visit our course info tab for online bookings!